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Wireless Microphone Hire

We stock a wide range of Sennheiser and Shure Radio Microphones all with Headset, Lapel and Handheld Options available to suit all wireless microphones hire applications.

No matter your preference, we carry all the accessories to suit including long range antennas and antenna distribution, neoprene body pouches, instrument adapter cables, 3.5mm adapted cables, tape and more.

All systems come preconfigured with a fresh set of batteries and our simple rack design makes setup simple for school and theatre productions.

View our full inventory here.

ULX-D - H51 Band

ULX-D® Digital Wireless offers extremely efficient RF performance, networked control, Dante™ digital audio (available only on Dual and Quad receivers), and AES-256 encryption for professional sound reinforcement.


With a rugged yet lightweight aluminum case, the ULXD1 delivers uncompromising audio quality and RF performance, AES 256-bit encryption for secure transmission, and advanced rechargeability options for professional sound reinforcement applications.


The ULXD2 delivers uncompromising audio quality and RF performance, and AES 256-bit encryption for secure transmission.

Available with a range of different capsules to suit your application.

Axient Digital - A Band

On the biggest stages in the world, when thousands, even millions are watching, the wireless microphone has an enormous job to do. The audio must be clear. It must be true. It has to glow in the shine of the spotlight. No other system is up to the challenge quite like Axient® Digital

Axient Digital Beltpack

AD1 and ADX1 variants available, Axient Digital sets the stage for exceptional performance, with wide tuning up to 184 MHz, interference protection, advanced rechargeability, streamlined design, and ShowLink remote control for ADX Transmitters

Axient Digital Handheld

AD2 and ADX 2 variants available, delivers impeccable audio quality and RF performance with wide-tuning, High Density mode, and encryption.

Available with a range of different capsules to suit your application.

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UHF-R - J5E Band

UHF-R® Wireless systems master the intense pressure and extreme conditions of any touring, installation or broadcast environment, while delivering unmatched Shure sound.


The UR1 transmitter is a compact bodypack, constructed of lightweight metal to be exceptionally unobtrusive and abuse-resistant.


The UR2 features rugged, lightweight construction and an antenna design which advances RF transmission reliability.

Available with a range of different capsules to suit your application.

AD610 - Showlink

The AD610 provides a wireless ShowLink® connection between all linked transmitters and receivers. ShowLink technology offers unprecedented remote control and monitoring for easy coordination of clean, usable frequencies no matter what kind of RF environment you face.

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100 Series G3

The 100 Series sparkles with unstinting equipment levels and proven technology. It delivers high-grade sound for performances that can do without the cable but not without the quality.

300 Series G3

Just as robust and stage-proof as the 100 series, the 300 series adds the next level of desired technology as well as entry to the WSM usability for the ultimate monitoring of system performance

500 Series G3

The top-line series with superlative technical components, WSM access included. the microphone capsules of the 900-series provide the perfect sonic setting for live performances and spoken presentations.

300 Series G3 IEM

In-ear monitoring set: ear-canal phones with various ear-fitting pads, adaptive diversity receiver for high reception quality. Remote-controllable via "Wireless Systems Manager".

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SK Body pack

Lightweight, compact bodypack transmitter. User-friendly menu operation with backlit graphic display. Expanded AF frequency for authentic sound (25-18,000 Hz). Rugged metal housing.

SKM Handheld

Robust cardioid handheld microphone/transmitter. Fit for every vocal style. Lively, powerful sound. User-friendly menu operation with backlit graphic display. Sturdy metal housing.

SKP Plug On Transmitter

Plug-on transmitter that turns XLR-equipped microphones into wireless ones.

EK Beltpack Receiver

Versatile mobile receiver with adaptive diversity for excellent reception at all times.

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