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Clear Systems has been working closely with schools all across Victoria since our inception over 35 years ago. Our success in countless school productions, carols and awards night comes down to our core values in delivering the highest quality equipment with the best service to create a show worth remembering. From all aspects including the education for the students, the peace of mind for the staff and a fantastic experience for the parents to watch.

We have the widest range of high performance equipment available to meet the diverse range of needs that come up particularly in school musical/theatre productions as well as meeting the complete system requirements of awards presentations and speech nights.
For any audio-visual need, we have the right solution.

Please feel free to get in touch at anytime to discuss any event you have coming up and we can put together a free, no-obligation quotation at great package rates or if you just need to top up an existing system, our educational discounts help drive your budget further.


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