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Musical and Theatre Productions

Clear Systems has been delivering audio-visual solutions for musical and theatre productions since our inception over 30 years ago. To this day we make it our business to deliver the best solutions on the market from all areas of AV.

Our services include;

  • System Design including, Lighting Design, Audio Design, Vision and Staging.

  • Show programming

  • Show Operation

  • Dry Hire

  • Delivery and Setup/system configuration.

  • And much more...

Some of the previous productions we have been involved with.

House Drama

Clear Systems supplied an Audio and Lighting package for this streamed house drama day. Students from each house were tasked with writing, directing, costume design and lighting design for each of their own house acts. Clear Systems were on hand to execute the students lighting designs. Clear systems supplied additional lighting equipment of Ayrton Mistrals, Chauvet Rogue R1's and a JEM K1 Hazer on top of the schools existing lighting rig. Audio consisted of a range of boundary mics and QU-16 for control. each act was performed in front of the other student houses and live streamed to parents.


Shrek Jr

Clear Systems supplied complete Audio Visual solution for this recorded production of Shrek Jr. Lighting consisted of 12 Martin Mac Aura's and 4x Proshop LED Pars from two 12m spans of CLS Tri truss on VMB TE-76 Truss Lifters. Vision utilised a Panasonic RZ-970 Projector and 16ft X 9ft fast fold screen. Audio was taken care of with 20x Sennheiser radio mic systems, 4x Milab CM22 Condensors and an Allen & Heath QU-24, as the show was recorded there was no main PA system, foldback was through 4x EV ZX'1s and a set of RCF Art 310's was used for the mix reference.



Clear Systems supplied a lighting and vision package for this school production of Expelled. This production was recorded with no live audience due to COVID-19 restrictions. The vision system used our Panasonic HPX-250 Camera's, Panasonic HS-50 Vision Switcher with a Blackmagic Hyperdeck Recorder, each of the 4 camera's was also iso recorded with Blackmagic Hyperdeck Mini's. The Lighting system used 8x Ayrton Mistral's, 20x LED Bars, 4x Chauvet Hex Pars, 12x Multipars and a mirrorball on top of the existing lighting system. 

The Tempest.png

The Tempest

Clear Systems supplied a lighting and vision package for this school production of The Tempest. This production was recorded with no live audience due to COVID-19 restrictions. The vision system used Panasonic HPX-250 Camera's a Panasonic HS-50 and a Blackmagic Hyperdeck Recorder, each of the 4 camera's was also recorded onboard. The Lighting system used 8x Ayrton Mistral's, 15m of LED Tape and 17x LED Bars on top of the existing lighting system. Most of the LED bars were used under a 4.8m X 4.8m raised perspex floor. These bars were run in extended mode, requiring 1,248 DMX Channels just for the floor.

Joseph and the Technicolour

Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat

Clear Systems supplied a lighting package for the production of Joseph and the Technicolour Dreamcoat. The lighting brought in was used to compliment the existing in house lighting system and comprised of 54 x LED bars underneath a perspex floor utilising 3 universes of lighting control to maximise the colour effects. additional to this were Ayrton Mistral TC's, Show Pro Fusion Pars and Showpro Blinder bars. This show was programmed and operated by the Clear Systems Crew alongside the student technicians.

Healesville High School - The Wedding Si

The Wedding Singer

Clear Systems supplied 25x Shure ULX-D Radio Mics and a comms system for this production which was completely designed and operated by the Staff and Students.

Mckinnon Secondary College - Legally Blo

Legally Blonde

Clear Systems supplied, Lighting, Audio and a Comms Systems for this school production of Legally Blonde, The school Utilised the Ayrton Mistral TC's for the perfect addition to their existing lighting rig, Sennheiser wireless mics which also matched with what the school were already using and a wireless comms systems which integrated with the existing wired system. This awesome production was completely student and staff operated.


Peter Pan

Clear Systems supplied Lighting, Confetti Fx and Dry Ice Fx for this schools production of Peter Pan, lighting included 4x Ayrton Mistral TC's, and Showpro HEX bars in addition to the existing in house lighting system, The low fog fx were through 4x Chauvet Nimbus Dry Ice Machines operated by staff members and confetti utilised 2x powershots for the final number in the show. The show was programmed and operated by Clear Systems Crew.

Balcombe Grammar School - The Addams Fam

The Addams Family

Clear Systems supplied Radio Mics, Orchestra Mics and Control for the production of The Addams Family. We utilised 20x of our Shure ULX-D radio mics systems connected via dante through to the Allen & Heath iLive Console. We patched into the existing venues house PA system and added additional orchestral and stage foldback.

Santa Maria College - Hairspray.jpg


Clear Systems supplied a full production package for this production of Hairspray, Lighting included 4x Aytrton Mistrals, 6x 1.2k Selecon Fresnels, 6x Chauvet Colourdash Hex12 Cans, 2x Followspots and a M2Go Lighting Console. Audio consisted of 16x Sennheiser Wireless Mics. DPA, Shure and AKG orchestral Mics and a distributed headphone foldback system for the orchestra members. Comms consisted of 14 stations including 4x wireless. This production was designed and operated by the staff and students.

Warrandyte High School.jpg

We Will Rock You

Clear Systems provided an audio and lighting package for Warrandyte High Schools production of We Will Rock You. The audio side comprised of 16x Sennheiser Radio Mics and 4x Shure Hanging Mics and a BTR Wireless Comms System all of which integrated in with the schools existing audio and comms systems. the lighting side used the school's conventional rig and added trussing, Show Pro LED Par Cans, Martin Moving Heads and a Jem K1 Hazer. The Show was programmed by Clear Systems on our M-Series M2GO lighting console and handed over for the students to operate.

Wesley College - Oliver.jpg


Clear Systems provided additional lighting and effects for the Wesley College Glen Waverley Campus' production of Oliver, as well as operating audio for the rehearsals and shows. as a part of this project, we also manufactured custom pendant lights and a battery system to power a Robe 1500ft smoke machine that was a part of a moving set piece. Clear Systems also provided a conductor/stage cam vision fold back system for the orchestra and cast.

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