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Some of our Recent Events


Victorian Dance Festical

Clear Systems supplied a AV Package across multiple event spaces for this festival of dance. The side rooms each consisted of RCF PA Systems and Samsung TV screens. The Main Room consisted of 12x 1.2K Fresnel's, 4x Ayrton Mistral TC's, 8x Show Pro Fusion Bars. 2x 13ft X 7ft Fastfold Screens and additional double 18" subs to supplement the in-house system.

Lighting was programmed and operated by Clear Systems.



Clear Systems Supplied a lighting and staging package for this School Production of Antigone, The room was laid out with a traverse stage and the Clear System staging was used to create seating risers on either side of the stage. The Lighting Rig Consisted of 4x 4.5m Vertical Trusses each with 2x Ayrton Mistral TC's and 2x Martin Mac Auras, the truss was dressed with truss socks. 4x Show Pro Fusion Bars were placed on 2m booms on each end of the stage. A Jem K1 hazer was used for atmospherics and control was on the schools Martin M2GO lighting desk. Clear systems also supplied comms and Qlab Playback. The show was programmed and operated by Clear Systems.


Opera Surtitles at The Regent Theatre

Clear Systems supplied our Panasonic RZ-970 projector for Melbourne Operas show of Das Rheingold at The Regent Theatre.

The projector was installed by the Clear Systems crew on the dress circle bar, focused and patched into Melbourne Opera's content server. The content was then operated by the Melbourne Opera crew. It was great to be out working on a show for a live audience again.


End of Year Celebrations

Clear Systems worked with many schools over the November and December period to deliver a range of End of Year awards, celebrations, presentations and valedictories. All these events were live streamed due to Covid restrictions. Clear Systems supplied our full range of services including Stage Lighting, Web Streaming, Staging, Audio and Draping.

A.G. Coombs Business Update.jpg

Presentations in COVID

Clear Systems supplied and simple presentation system including our Panasonic RZ-970 projectors and 13x7ft fastfold screen and a compact PA system for with Shure ULX-D radio mics and RCF active speakers for a business update meeting. The presentation was able to be held in a section of the prefabrication warehouse, allowing organisers to control and space out the attendees appropriately.

Ignite Uncancelled.jpg

Ignite Uncancelled

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have supplied numerous pop-up studios with a variety of AV equipment for live streaming. One group we have been lucky enough to work with is Ignite Uncancelled which streams each Saturday a range of up and coming youth artists. Clear Systems is supplying additional staging, audio and vision equipment for this studio.


Victoria Police Memorial

Clear Systems lit up the Nunawading Police Station and Police Association building in blue in honour of four Police Officers that lost their life in the line of duty. We used our Show Pro Ex36's and Fusion Bars to light both buildings.

Our thoughts are with the families and Police community.


Esoteric Festival

Clear Systems supplied PA and Lighting Systems for five of the small stages at Esoteric. the PA Systems all comprised of 16x RCF powered speakers and 8x Sennheiser Wireless Microphones. The lighting utilised 12x Show Pro Fusion Bar IP 60m of Dreamfest RGB Festoon, Chauvet Slimbank UV's and Water Wave Effects.


Bushfire Relief Concert

Clear Systems supplied a projection and pa system for the Sarsfield Live site of the Network 7 Bushfire Relief Concert where the local community was able to gather together and be part of the broadcast. Network 7 supplied an SDI feed into our tvOne Scaler which then fed SDI into Our Panasonic RZ-970 and split the audio out to the Soundcraft Mixer and RCF powered speakers.

Cancer Council - Walking Stars 2019.jpg

Walking Stars

Clear Systems provided a complete Stage, Audio, Lighting and Rigging solution for the Cancer Councils Walking Stars Melbourne 21km walk. we utilised our Global Truss performer stage to build a 8.4m X 6.0m stage, LED Pars, Chauvet Geysers, Proshop Truss Mates and Dreamfest, Multipars and LED battens for stage and site lighting. Our JBL VRX line array system, Shure ULX-D wireless microphones and Allen & Heath Sq6 covered the site with clean and crisp sound. We utilised our 300mm Tri and Box truss to build truss verticals for the ShowPro Dreamfest and the start/finish gantry


Tesselaar Tulip Festival

Clear Systems again provided 2 PA systems for the two stages at the Tesselaar Tulip Festival, each stage consisted of  Shure wired microphones, Sennheiser wireless systems, EV front of house and fold back speakers enduring the elements for the 5 weeks of the festival

Ride Like A Girl Premier.jpg

Ride Like A Girl Premiere

Clear Systems delivered a wireless microphone solution for the premier of Ride Like Girl held at Village Cinemas Jam Factory Cinema, There were 5 Sennheiser systems used for Talent mics with a distributed antenna and audio distribution system enabling all 5 talent mics to move across 8 cinemas in total without needing to change microphones as they moved from cinema to cinema


Pedders Eureka Rush

Clear Systems provided four individual PA systems for the Pedders Eureka Rush Rally event. 1x PA system was used for a simple drivers briefing presentation on the Saturday night while the main system was running for the super sprint special stage. The main event on Sunday saw 3x spectator points setup at key points around the track up to 15Km apart from each other while the 4th system was used for the podium presentation. the spectator PA systems each consisted of Sennheiser microphones, Denon or Alesis Rackmount Mixers and Crown Amplifiers with EV Speakers. The main podium system which was also used for the super sprint stage consisted of Shure Microhpones, Allen & Heath console, Crown amplifiers with EV speakers. each system performed flawlessly throughout the weekend


Rock Of Ages

Clear Systems design and setup a stage structure for this high school's production of Rock of Ages, using our Global Truss Performer Stage we created a rear platform 1.2m X 9.6m @ 1.8m High with a stair case coming down to another 1.2 X 1.2m platform and then continuing onto the stage. The Band were placed underneath the main section of the stage and either sides were able to be kept open for cast entrance/exits.


Groover Seminar

Clear Systems provided the lighting, draping and vision package for this seminar, including our two Panasonic RZ-670 Projectors with DLE-030 Periscope lenses. a black drape covered the rear wall and a white drape between the stage and rear black drape which was lit with Chauvet Colordash LED Pars. we also provided Stage wash using our Selecon Pacific Profiles

Melbourne University Regatta.jpg

Melbourne University Boat Club Regatta

Clear Systems delivered a completely wireless, battery powered pa system for this event. Utilising 8 speakers to cover the 200m crowd line. The system utilised our Sennheiser wireless microphones, Shure battery powered mixer, Chiayo transmitter/repeater and Chiayo Battery Powered Speakers


Victoria Dance Festival

Clear Systems provided a complete audio visual package to the Victorian Dance Festival held at Batman Royale. The audio system comprised of our RCF powered speakers including RCF Sub-705 and RCF Art310's. Lighting comprised of Selecon 2K Fresnels across a 12m truss span suspended in the room. Our Global Truss performer stage was used to create a 12mW x 9.6mD main stage and 2.4m x 1.2m camera riser. 30m of drape was used as backdrop and room dividers in two separate rooms. Clear Systems also provided power distribution for the exhibitors.

Bose 802's on Towers.jpg

47th National German Shepherd Dog Show & Trial

Clear Systems provided a 3 zone outdoor PA system for the 3-day event held at KCC Park. The main arena was covered by 2x double hangs of Bose 802's, with another double hang of Bose 802's independently controlled to cover the rear marshaling area. 4x TOA horns were mounted to light poles controlled through the third zone as paging through the camping areas. Control was through an Allen & Heath Qu-16 with Sennheiser 300 series wireless mics with one system being used as a wireless iPod connection to the system.


PSI Dressage & Jumping With The Stars

Clear Systems delivered 3x distributed arena PA systems for this years event held over the weekend. The smallest system comprised of six of our new custom designed and built column speaker spread across a 180m boundary fence line for the outdoor showjumping arena, due to the sensitivity of the competing horses, Clear Systems took special care in speaker placement including short stands in order to prevent the horses from being spooked.. The second outdoor arena system also comprised of 6x outdoor column speakers split into 2 zones that could be easily combined for presentations and split for performances. The main indoor arena comprised of 58 speakers split into 5 independently controllable zones through our Allen & Heath Qu-16. Shure ULX-D and Crown Amplifiers were used across all 3 arenas. Clear Systems also provided 20x up-lights for ambient lighting in the main arena.

Airshow 2019.jpg

Australian International Airshow - 2019

The Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition is one of Asia-Pacific's most prestigious aviation and aerospace events. It the most comprehensive aviation, aerospace and defence exposition in the Southern hemisphere. Clear Systems delivered our high performance large scale distributed PA system to cover the entire Avalon airport show area. The system included over 200 speakers including 44x high quality custom column speakers designed and assembled in-house at Clear Systems with another 24 speakers in the pipeline. Clear Systems also provides a hearing augmentation system for the approx 1.2km main crowd line along the runway and a stand-alone system for the Military Working Dog Display.

The Petting Zoo 2018 5.jpg

The Petting Zoo 2018

Clear Systems delivered the lighting for The Petting Zoo festival held at Yarra Park. The main stage lighting rig consisted of Martin Mac Vipers, Martin Mac Aura, Martin Atomic LED Strobes, Ayrton Mistral TC, Pro Shop Hex Bar, Proshop Tri Cans, Chauvet Colourdash Hex Pars, Pro Shop Blinder Bars, Bubble Machines and Unique 2 Hazers. Control was from a GrandMA2 Lite and 8 port Artnet Node. The remainder of the site also used 500w Floods, 270 Metres of ShowPro Dreamfest, Proshop Tri Cans, Proshop EX36 Floods and Chauvet Colourdash Quad pars. Clear Systems also provided 18x 2.4mX1.2m Global Truss performer stage decks and power distribution for the food and bar areas. In total, 149 Fixtures were used across the site

BMW X5 Launch.jpg

BMW X5 Launch

Clear Systems delivered a complete audio-visual package for the 2018 BMW X5 Launch hosted by Gippsland BMW. The lighting system made use of our powerful new Ayrton Mistrals covering the L-shaped showroom with decal punching through the setting sun in the early afternoon. A number of battery pars and LED bars created the blue glow under each car and highlighted other areas of the showroom while control was from a Martin M2GO. The Pa system comprised of our Shure ULX-D radio microphones, Allen and Heath QU-16 and RCF speakers. The Vision systems used our Panasonic HPX-250 Camera, TV-one C2-2855 Scaler and Samsung 60" Screens.

Boroondara City Council - Special Counci

Special Council Meeting Solutions

Clear Systems provided our conference mic and speaker package for a special council meeting at Hawthorn Arts Centre. The audio system comprised of 23x Shure MX412D Desktop Microphones, 9x Bose MD32's for the counselors, 2x EV ZX1's for the public area and 2x ART310's for the overflow room, All speakers were on individual sends allowing the maximum level of control from our Allen and Heath GLD80. The Bose and EV Speakers were driven by Crown Amplifiers. Clear Systems also provided vision control with laptop presentations, document camera's and our Panasonic HPX-250 capturing the vision for the overflow room, as a part of this system, 3x Samsung 32inch monitors were used as vision foldback for the counselors.

Panasonic RZ-670 on truss.jpg

Panasonic RZ-670 Meet high expectations.

Clear Systems provided 2x Panasonic RZ-670 Projectors for a conference at the Novotel in Glen Waverley, Due to the high usage of detailed images throughout the presentation, the client had very high expectations for the projection. Our 6500 lumen laser source projector was perfect for meeting this level of demand with the high contrast ratio making the colours within the different pictures look spectacular and delivered the message for the presentation with ease.

Warrandyte High School.jpg

We Will Rock You

Clear Systems provided an audio and lighting package for Warrandyte High Schools production of We Will Rock You. The audio side comprised of 16x Sennheiser Radio Mics and 4x Shure Hanging Mics and a BTR Wireless Comms System all of which integrated in with the schools existing audio and comms systems. The lighting side used the school's conventional rig and added trussing, Show Pro LED Par Cans, Martin Moving Heads and a Jem K1 Hazer. The Show was programmed by Clear Systems on our M-Series M2GO lighting console and handed over for the students to operate

YMCA Fathers Day Fun Run.jpg

YMCA - Fatehrs Day Fun Run

Clear Systems was once again proud to be a part of the YMCA Fathers day fun run. Clear Systems has been a part of this great event since it started in 2016 and it has been great working closely with the YMCA team to see this event grow through its second and third year, and now into the future as well.

Clear Systems again provided four main PA systems around the track and a 5th smaller PA for an activation. Clear Systems also provides staging and power distribution for the event village at Alexandra Gardens.

Cheerbrandz Olympia.jpg

Olympia Cheer and Dance Competition

Clear Systems provided the complete AV package for the Cheer and Dance Competition held on Saturday and Sunday, with over 40m of Drape, 44m of Box Truss off 7x 500Kg Chain Motors, 3x vision playback screens, A 8.4mW x 2.4mD @ 1200mm high stage complete with handrails, skirting and two sets of steps. RCF front of house and foldback system, 12x 2kw Fresnels, Chauvet quad pars, Ayrton Mistrals, Jem Ready365 CO2 hazer and a GrandMA 2 Command Wing to round out the lighting. This was such a great event the Clear Systems was proud to be a part of.

DELWP - Metro Assembly.jpg

DELWP - Metropolitan Partnership Assemblies

Clear Systems provided a audio and vision system for the six assemblies hosted by the Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning. The audio system consisted of our Shure ULX-D Wireless lapel and handheld microphones and Shure Lectern Microphones, Allen & Heath Qu-16, Crown Amplifiers and EV speakers. While the Vision system was a little more complex with multiple laptop and camera inputs to our Panasonic HS-50 Vision Switcher running dual outputs, one for the local screen and one for the live stream with the multiple laptop inputs running  to both outputs and the camera only for the live stream

Wesley College - Oliver.jpg


Clear Systems provided additional lighting and effects for the Wesley College Glen Waverley Campus' production of Oliver, as well as operating audio for the rehearsals and shows. as a part of this project, we also manufactured custom pendant lights and a battery system to power a Robe 1500ft smoke machine that was a part of a moving set piece. Clear Systems also provided a conductor/stage cam vision fold back system for the orchestra and cast.

Other News


Clear Systems: Theatre Tech Specialists

Stage Whispers

Clear Systems has been supplying sound, vision, communications and stage lighting equipment to the theatre industry for over 30 years.

Based in Mount Waverley in Melbourne’s south-east, the company is continually adding to its impressive hire inventory.

“We test and evaluate, using our experience and technical knowledge to choose appropriate equipment for any application, for hire, sales and installations,” said manager Andrew Bowen..


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