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Clear Systems provides complete Audio-Visual solutions for all types of performance spaces and meeting areas, including School Halls, Classrooms and Theaters, Council Theaters, Art Galleries, Libraries and Chambers, Churches and Community Venues.

We can supply the latest Audio-Visual products and use these to design a complete system or upgrade package including Mixers, Amplifiers, Speakers, LED Lighting, Moving Lights, Lighting Consoles, Projectors, Vision switching and Cameras, Staging, Draping and Rigging Equipment.


Some of the types of upgrades we commonly work through with our clients are listed below, but we are able to assist with all types of Audio-Visual Equipment.

Audio system upgrades include,

  • PA System upgrades for reliability, better coverage and performance.

  • Digital Mixing Consoles and increased functionality and flexibility

  • Wireless Microphones with antenna distribution and frequency co-ordination

Lighting system upgrades include,

  • LED Lighting Fixtures,

  • Switch Dimming Circuits to hot power or hot power/dimming combo to allow for either LED or conventional fixtures.

  • Lighting Console Upgrade and 3D CAD Software.

Vision system upgrades include,

  • Laser Source Projectors

  • Vision Switching equipment.

  • 4K Camera's


We help make upgrading a system easy with our on-site consultations, it is always important to remember that an audio or lighting system is made of many individual components and upgrading one component may not have as large an impact on the system as you had hoped for. If you have a system in need of an upgrade to better utilise the flexibility and features of the latest technology, run more efficiently or equipment has become unreliable to use. Then we can help advise on the best upgrade method and equipment selection to ensure that you get the results you expected.

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