Staging Hire

Stage hire for concerts and performances. Mobile Staging on castors for DJ Risers, Drum Risers and More.

Performance Stages and Festival Risers

Raised platforms are a fantastic way to draw attention to the presenter with easy access from our range or stairs and access ramps.

Podiums and Presentation Stages

Our Staging is extremely flexible and customisable to suit any musical production or theatre performance.

Theatrical Stages and mobile risers.

We stock a wide range of platform sizes for your next stage hire. By combining the various platforms, we can make a stage to suit any event. All our decks use an aluminium truss frame with black non slip marine ply surface. Our Stage can be used as both an indoor stage or an outdoor stage.

Stage hire can be so much more than just a block of wood, the stage is the point where your audience connects with your message, choosing the right stage to hire can make or break an event as the stage allows your presenter to be seen above the other audience members which gives the audience the ability to interact. Without the right stage, your audience may tune out and loose interest in your key content.

Our staging is perfect for a wide range of events including catwalks for fashion shows, corporate presentation platforms, festival risers, theatre staging and more.

Please contact our friendly staff and we can put together the right stage for your event.

View our complete inventory.

Our stage pieces come in a range of sizes, by combining the different stage pieces, we can build a stage of almost any size.

Deck Sizes

2.4m X 1.2m

2.4m X 0.6m

1.8m X 0.6m

1.2m X 1.2m

1.2m X 0.6m

1.2m X 1.2mR (curved)

Disabled access ramps

Stage Pieces

Each stage piece requires four legs, using different height legs we can build a stage to suit any height.

Standard Leg heights








Braced standard legs heights



Single and Dual Castor Leg heights

330mm (Great Drum Riser)

600mm (Awesome Backline Riser)

900mm (Fantastic DJ Riser)

Adjustable Leg Heights

300mm -> 350mm

700mm -> 1200mm

Legs and Steps

Once you have decided on your stage size, you can add black velveteen skirts and handrails to suit. (stages above 1m high must have handrails)


7.2m Wide X 0.3m High

7.2m Wide X 0.6m High

7.2m Wide X 0.9m High

7.2m Wide X 1.2m High

Skirt Plates

2.4m Wide

1.8m Wide

1.2m Wide

1.2m Wide Corner


Single Step Extension

Dual Step Main

1.2m Deck

2.4m Deck

Skirts and Handrails

Stage Configuration Examples.

The flexibility in our stage system is perfect for any live event, conference, school, theatre and much more.

Staging Hire
2.4m X 1.2m with Skirt
Platform Hire
Stage Steps
Riser Hire
1.2m x 1.2m platform
Stage Deck Hire
2.4m x 0.6m Stage
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