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  • Nashua Gaffer Tape (Black, Grey, White)

  • Stylus Electrical Tape (Assorted Colours)

  • Hazard Tape

  • Console Marking Tape


Martin Fluids

  • JEM Super Smoke

  • JEM Heavey Fog

  • JEM C-Plus Haze

  • JEM K1 Haze

  • JEM 365 Haze

  • JEM Pro Clean and Storage

  • Rush Club Smoke

Look Solutions Fluid

  • Unique 2 Haze

  • Look Quick Fog

  • Look Regular Fog

Chauvet Pro Fluids

  • FJ5 Smoke Fluid

  • HJ5 Haze Fluid

  • GJ5 Fast Dissipating

AVE Bubble Fluid


Philips and Osram Entertainment Lamps to suit generic and moving light fixtures

Projector Lamps to suit Panasonic, Epson, Benq and more


All sizes from Durcell and Varta

  • 4 Pack AA Procell

  • 24 Pack AA Procell

  • 30 Pack AA Varta

  • More...

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