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Ayrton Mistral TC

Ayrton has once again pushed the limits with MISTRAL™TC – a versatile, new fully equipped 300 W spot luminaire in the same ultra-compact format as MERAK™. Designed for applications that require perfect colour reproduction, MISTRAL™TC is equipped with an entirely new LED module using a monochromatic light source calibrated at 7,000K with a native colour rendering index greater than 90, and extremely high TM30 readings. This high-output, low-etendue light source module enables MISTRAL™TC to produce more than 14,000 lumens. Its new 13-lens proprietary optical system delivers a 8:1 zoom ratio with a zoom range of 6.7° to 53°. The optics, equipped with a 119mm frontal lens, can achieve an extremely uniform flat beam that can render images perfectly in all conditions and at any beam angle.

If you wish to talk about lighting hire for your next event please feel free to contact us.

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