Audio Distribution for Drive In Events

Clear Systems stocks a number of audio distribution solutions for Drive In / Soccially distanced events.

The simplest solution for drive in events is to use a portable FM transmitter. The attendees then tune their car radio to the FM transmitter an then listen to the broadcast. FM transmitters for Drive in events are a fantastic way to quickly distribute audio. with correct antenna placement and power, FM Transmitters can easily cover the large areas required for these types of events.

The draw back with FM Transmitters is licensing, licensing fees and license application periods. As the COVID climate changes very rapidly, there is nothing worse than paying for a FM license to then not be able to run the event.

This is where Listen Everywhere steps in.

Listen Everywhere is a Wi-fi Based audio distribution system. the Listen server replaces the FM Transmitter and is then connected to one or more wireless access points. the attendees then download the listen app and joins the Wi-fi Network attached to the listen server. Wi-Fi does not have the same range as FM, so multiple access points may need to be used to cover the area required. The listen everywhere system can broadcast multiple channels of audio over the same network for applications where different audio needs to be distributed. For example, a church service in multiple languages can have each language as its own channel.

If you wish to talk more about audio distribution systems, please feel free to contact our friendly staff.

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